Building Technology Literacy through Project-Based Learning in the Language Arts Classroom


Why the Sun Rises (2015)

  • Writing of women educators from all over the country, showcasing the unique voices that thread together a powerful story of learning and experiences. In addition to the staggering voices in this book, each story is accompanied by a portrait, intimately pairing who we are with what we have to say. 

Pleasant Surprises At The EdSurge Baltimore Summit

Awards and Recognition

ISTE Outstanding Young Educator Award — Nominated 2015

  • This award honors a teacher under the age of 35, recognized for demonstrating vision, innovation, and action, and using technology to improve learning and teaching.

Maryland Outstanding Educator Award in Technology — Nominated 2015

  • This award recognizes one educator for his or her use of educational technology in the teaching and learning process in Maryland schools. The award supports MSET’s Mission for advancing excellence in learning and teaching through innovative and effective uses of technology.

The EdSurge Digital Innovation in Learning Awards — Nominated 2014

  • Nominated in the categories of Sharing is Caring Award and Teacher Trailblazer. These awards were created by EdSurge and Digital Promise to spotlight great practices in education and to share those practices with others.

The Bammy Awards —Nominated 2014

  • The Bammy Awards seek to celebrate extraordinary cross-discipline collaboration taking place in the field of education. This award honors unique individuals in the field that are pushing boundaries and changing the narrative about what it means to be an educator.