Dreams and Plans

By nature I am a restless dreamer. With that comes a need to organize goals and plans in ways that help me to live more fully. These simple bullets below tell a much more complex story of how I want to live my life.


I.   SHORT TERM GOALS: 2015-2017

  • Become a leader in 1:1 technology integration and instruction in the Baltimore area, leading the way for increased 1:1 programs in the urban classroom 
  • Work with schools on a national level through consultation and partnership to help leaders rethink instructional, innovation, and creativity for all learners
  • Write and publish a series of articles related to education
  • Learn a conversational level of Spanish to help facilitate better communicate and build relationships with ESOL students and parents 
  • Disrupt the educational system through the building of a connected systems that increase health and equity among educators

II. LONG TERM GOALS: 2018-2020

  • Help companies and communities work together to mend a broken educational system and to preserve the beauty that exists in the current system.
  • Become a faculty member at an accredited university in the Department of Education
  • Travel and live internationally in order to expand my own beliefs, stretch my thinking, experience a variety of cultures, and deepen my empathy for people
  • Improve to a proficient level of Spanish in both speaking and writing
  • Invest in local artists to build a curate collection representative of stories across race, gender, and generational struggle-points 
  • Fall in love