Consulting Services

My mission is to build partnerships that improve educational spaces for all learners. To that end, I work with schools and districts to provide new ways of thinking, inspiration, and to bring people together in ways that cultivate the true greatness of each learning environment. Below are some examples of ways we can work together to elevate your learning community.

Building Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) are comprised of educators dedicated to taking risks and developing new, innovative practices. I help schools work together with local and global networks to share and reflect upon these practices.  I guide communities in creating safe spaces in which we encourage and challenge one another, and reflect together, in an effort to move out of our comfort zones, provide 21st century learning experiences for students, and use practices that may be new to us.  I provide support, tools, and strategic plans to enable growth and development that enhances learning and culture.

Professional Learning and Inspiration

It is not enough to simply develop teachers. Educators need spaces where they are inspired to take risks and push themselves to be better. I provide innovative, non-traditional profession learning experiences that allow schools to change their culture of learning. By listening to the needs of your community, we will work together to develop experiences that inspire staff and students to reach their true potential.

More focused learning experiences can also include:

  • Moving towards blended instruction and 21st century learning
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Experience Cycles
  • Reflective Learning Practices 

Examples of Work:

  • FedEx Day was designed in an effort to celebrate internal talents and empower staff to create something they were passionate about. You can see a full outline of this self-directed learning experience on the PPPCS FEDEX DAY Website, along with work products and reflections about the day.
  • The Professional Development Choice Day was organized in an attempt to provide meaningful and impacting professional learning communities for teachers at our school.  In addition to staff leading a number of sessions, many teachers from around the district participated in the day by offering sessions on tools and practices they use with their students. The PD Choice Day Program outline gives a comprehensive overview of the day's events.

Curriculum Development

Designing and implementing curriculum and content that meets the needs of all learners can be a heavy task for both schools and districts. I bring experience creating and deploying innovative curriculum centered in student exploration, meets rigorous standards, and celebrates the unique gifts of both students and teachers. Whether I am working with your school as a content specialist, curriculum mapping and writing facilitator, or as a thought partner, we will end with a product that inspires learning in new and exciting ways.

More focused areas of curriculum development include:

  • Using the Understanding by Design Framework
  • Blended Instruction and Technology-Rich Curriculum
  • Vertical Planning
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Experience-Based Learning Cycles
  • Making Sense of Student Work

Visioning Partner

Your vision and mission are the foundation of creating a legacy. This work is intense and requires communities to band together around common threads of pedagogy and philosophy. Building partnerships in this process allows fresh ideas and new connections to flow more freely. I work with individuals and communities to create strategic plans, bring together ideas and beliefs, and create a vision that is founded in action and dedicated.

More focused areas of visioning can include:

  • Short and long term vision creation and/or revision with strategic planning
  • Technology Integration Planning
  • Technology Refresh Planning