Safe Place to Land

"Did you know we only see one side of the moon?"

"Does that make it any less stunning?" she asked. 

"More," he whispered.  


It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I developed a hideous fear of flying. Up until that point I had always flown with ease. 18 hours on a plane to South Africa? No problem. Flights from east to west coast and back? Easy. 

Then something shifted. I was driven by anxiety and fear as soon as the plane moved for take-off. It was hard to breathe. My eyes teared up. Every movement of the plane left me gripped with fear.  

But I loved traveling. So I kept flying. 

I made a decision to not live a life dedicated to my fears. They are real, yes. They exist, absolutely. They make bold statements and try desperately to force my mind and heart to tend to them. But fears are not meant to be nurtured. There is no place for freedom when we cradle our fears. 

Then one day, out of the blue, I wasn't scared of flying anymore. Instead, I actually felt excited and energized when in the air. The fear I refused to give power to fell away. The beauty that I am now able to see and experience is deeper and wider and more vast than I had ever noticed before this fear existed. 

When you are dedicated to freedom rather than fear, you will always find a safe place to land.