Choose Your Choice

"How does this work?" he asked.

"You choose your choice," she replied.

This week my brother graduated from college. It was one of the proudest moments I have ever experienced as a person with another person. I sat there watching, feeling all the feelings, so honored I get to be his sister, so grateful I get to be a part of his journey.

My brother is a writer. I would argue that he has always been a writer. And his writing is good. Really good.

So he goes off into the world, degree in one hand, his youth in the other, but then what? What's next, right? (I'm sure no one will think to ask him that question.)

This is where I see people get stuck, at the intersection of transition and life. What is next can feel like an impossible question to answer. Knowing the right move, what will make you happy, what you can handle- these are almost impossible things to know before committing to any path. Because of that, this is where we see people get paralyzed, and not even paralyzed by possibly making the wrong choices, but by the prospect of making a choice at all. Because sometimes making no choice at all can feel safer than making the any choice. 

So, to my brother, I say: Choose your choice.

Don't always worry about choosing perfectly, choosing right, or choosing forever. Just choose your choice and don't look back. There will be millions of choices to choose from throughout your life, but true satisfaction of the heart comes from knowing you can be dedicated wholly to the choices you make. 

Don't look back. The world is yours.