Destroying the Box

"Please honestly tell me what you think," she pleaded.  

"I think you need to let this go," she answered, a truth told not just in her words, but also in her eyes. 

I am not a fan of quitting. I am also not a huge fan of compromising. So, I often find myself in a crisis of the heart when I am tied to something I no longer find valuable. 

Instead, I would rather redefine the limits. I would rather think and dream and rework current structures to better fit current needs. This isn't easy work. It's safe to just quit, and many times it is easier. But I usually don't like that option. 

When we break out of the box, when we look beyond the edges of what is known and safe, that is where transformation takes place. It takes brave and courageous steps towards unknown areas of thinking. It requires stamina and willpower and vision. It demands walking through fear.

Destroying the box that the status quo and comfortable patterns live in is not for the faint of heart.